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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Missed An Art Get Together

Really bummed that I had to miss the Art Get Together hosted by Kristi today. But the movers are coming on Monday and I needed to pack up the rest of my studio today. Then I did a run out to the house in Marble Falls to take my plants and some stuff from my studio.

The space in the house in Marble Falls for my studio is a whole lot smaller than what I have now which is the master bedroom. I'm moving back into a small bedroom.

I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff though. I gave my silversmithing supplies to Cristina. I just don't see myself going back to that anytime soon.

And once we are living in the RV (read more about our RV Trip), there just won't be room for all my hobby supplies.

I also gave Krisiti all my polymer clay and supplies. She is really getting into polymer clay and I never did much with it except make pendants for my Willow's Designs and Beads business.

Lots of books and other art supplies have been given away at the last art get together and an art day at Kate's a couple of months ago.

And a ton of fabric went to Goodwill.

Now I'm down to mostly paper art supplies. I just couldn't give up all my rubber stamps or papers yet. And since I just started knitting, I'm not giving those supplies away. Although I did give Cristina a bunch of left over yarn I had from my crocheting days. She is going to use for teaching some students at her school how to knit.

And she may be getting some more yarn. Last weekend when we went out to the Marble Falls house to clean out the shed, I found a whole box of yarn I had bought years ago. There are some skeins that I want to keep. I can use them for knitting projects. But some of the other yarn will go to Cristina.


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