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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Art Get Togethers

For about a year I've been hosting 3rd Saturday Art Get Togethers at my house. Elizabeth and Pam have also taken turns hosting. We spend the afternoon making art and talking. It is great fun and good for my inner child artist.

I just sent out the Evite for this month's Art Get Together which will be the last one I'll be sponsoring here in Austin. We are moving at the end of the month or the beginning of November back to our house in Marble Falls so we can save money for our cross-country RV trip.

I haven't been doing much art lately. I finished up all my art swaps about two months. I am hosting one on my AAWA group though. It is a calendar swap for 2006. We've got two calendar's going this year. I'm doing the front and back covers for both. I plan to give one as gift for Christmas to my mom (surprise Mom!!).

But I haven't given up on my creativity. Instead of paper art, I've been knitting. I just finished a hat I knitted in Nori Silk. It is so soft! I'm also working on a cardigan and another hat for a Christmas gift for my brother.

I do have an idea of making a felted bag for my knitting so I can keep my current project, knitting needles, and supplies all together. I want bright, bright colors. Maybe turquoise, orange and pink!! And I want to embellish it with fabric that has been stamped and beaded. I may make a felted bag for Amy for Yule for her knitting. The bag she is using is to small to hold her knitting needles and they stick out of the bag.

Today I'm packing up my studio except for the few supplies I'll need to work on the calendar swap. I'll also keep my few favorite stamps and stamp pads out plus cardstock. I need to make my holiday cards so I'll keep out my holiday stamps too. But the rest of the studio is being packed up or set aside to be given away. I'll probably have a box of stuff for people to take home with them at the Art Get Together. It is sad to let the stuff go, but joyful knowing that my artist friends will get good use out of my stuff.


  • At 2:43 PM, Blogger Debby said…

    I can’t believe that the stores are already selling Christmas decorations. Where has this year gone?! Pretty soon it’ll be time to send out holiday cards. Unbelievable! I’ve been surfing around to see if anybody’s talking about the latest gift ideas for the holidays. I never know what to get my relatives, especially those far away. My keyword search led me to Art Get Togethers. While your blog wasn’t exactly on topic, I really have enjoyed reading your posts. Happy Holidays!


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