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Saturday, June 18, 2005

June Art Get Together

Today, Elizabeth, Gayle, Kristi, Pam, and Ava came over for our third Saturday monthly art get together.

Gayle worked on spreads in her Altered Book that she started at last month's Artist's Muse retreat (http://www.theartistsmuse.com). Her theme is love and the seasons of life. She is doing an awesome job. All her spreads are so beautiful. She had Bev Brazelton's Altered Books Workshop which I was just looking at when I was at Border's last night.

I'm hoping to get a review copy of the book. I e-mailed the publisher to get a copy. I'll be posting the review to my All Info About Art Swaps site (http://artswaps.allinfoabout.com) if I do.

Elizabeth and Kristi were both working on mandalas for the Mandala swap I'm hosting at my Yahoo! Group, Art Swaps ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/art_swaps)

Pam worked on a decopouge box that she is going to take to work. She does such a great job and always has really neat ideas.

Ava just moved back to Austin about a month ago after living in Dallas. I met her friend Mary at Art Fest this year in the class I took from Doris Arnt. Mary hooked us up through e-mail and I invited Ava to attend the art get together. She didn't bring a project to work on but bring some good tasting chicken pecan dip. Or so I'm told since I couldn't have any because I'm allergic to pecans :(.

I worked on a couple of swaps. The first on was a paper doll swap that is being hosted on the Art Swap Yahoo! Group. It took me all afternoon to get them cut out and assembled but I like how the turned out.

I also worked on a Pre-Raphaelites ATC swap after everyone left. I used John William Waterhouse paintings from the preraphaelites.com (http://www.preraphaelites.com) website which is a great resource.

I love having the art get togethers once a month. I get to make art all afternoon and usually into the evening after everyone leaves and I get to hang out with my friends. Can't wait until next month when Elizabeth hosts.


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