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Rhonda Bell is a mixed-media, fiber, and paper artist living in Austin, Texas. She is editor for All Info about Art Swaps site. A site dedicated to trading and exchanging art. that includes articles on Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), Altered Books, Altered Playing Cards, Art Dolls, Assemblage Art, Art Journals, Collage, Mail Art, Zines, Decos (decorated friendship books), Chunky Books, Greeting Cards, Tags, and other paper crafts.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Tulips For Dad

On the Sunday morning of last year's retreat my father passed away in Salado, Texas of a heart attack. His name was Ronald James Bell and I miss him more than I can every describe. So today was a bit hard for me because it reminded me of him and his passsing.

However, it was comforting to be with some of the women who were there to support me last year especially Gayle, Kristi, Amy, and Tobey. They helped clean up last year in record time so I could get to Salado to be with my family. And they supported me in one of my darkest and saddest hours.

In memory of my father, Tobey bought this flowers for me for this year's retreat:

What a lovely gesture that I got to enjoy all weekend. And now I have that at home in a vase to remind me of all the love I've had/have in my life, especially from my father.


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